Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mr. Mom

Here we are...Day 2 of me at home with the boys. Tanya is going to be starting a new job and needed to attend 2 days of training before she could start. Since this job will be one that she will be able to do from home, it was going to be tough to do OJT ;).

Yesterday went well. We decided to make chili for dinner. We needed a couple of things so we went to the grocery store and decided that we would make Mama a cake to show her how much we loved her. My little guys are very friendly with other people. Almost to that point where you worry about their safety. Since it was around noon on a weekday, there were plenty of elderly people shopping as well. When we cross paths with people in the aisles, my youngest would ask them, "What's your name?". Once they respond, he quickly fires back with, "What's your favorite color?". It is quite cute to watch him interact with other people. Too bad this is the extent of his questions. He will then go into a ramble about who he is and what his favorite colors are. This encrypted dialogue will generally cause the person he is talking to to then look at me for a translation. They pat him on the head and go on their way.

The cake turned out great, the chili was even better. We enjoyed our chili as we watched the Twins clinch the Division and the Vikings get beat by Philadelphia. It was a nice end to a long day. Only one more to go :)


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