Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Let me count the ways...

I love....

1. That she places her hand on my leg as we drive
2. That she has encouraged me to not be satisified with where I am
3. That she is patient with me as I try and understand what her true Love Language is.
4. The fact that all the things that she does that annoy me are what I also find most attractive.
5. That she laughs at my attempt at dancing
6. That she enjoys having "Date Nights" with me.
7. That she is the only person, without a license, that I will ever allow to cut my hair
8. That she cares about taking pictures and preserving memories of our family
9. That she has patience with me when I have no patience for anyone.
10. That she wants to be a part of my life
11. That she has become a local sports fan
12. The way she descibes things in such detail
13. Her legs (I AM a leg-man, afterall)
14. Her desire to be spontaneous
15. Her willingness to try new things as a family
16. Her desire to define our family identity
17. Her ability to write fluently (good thing oneof us can)
18. The way she is able to find something to compliment someone on.
19. The way that she is always trying to improve her self for me
20. That she is crafty (not sneaky)
21. That she has vowed to never give up on us
22. That she will not allow me to give up either
23. That she always forgives me when I have done something wrong
24. That I trust her with all my heart
25. That she trusts me with all her heart.
26. That she lets me make jokes about her home-state (Iowa) :)
27. That my family is just as messed up as her family
28. That she made me a pot of split pea soup, from scratch. Just to show me love.
29. That for my birthday, she made my favorite meal - liver and onions. (thats gotta be true love)
30. How she tries so hard to have dinner ready when I come home, but there is always a timing issue.
31. How she is always willing to step out in faith and try new things
32. That she always let me drive
33. That recognizes when I need to "de-stress", and allows me that opportunity.

...More to come.....


At 11:44 PM, Blogger solipsta said...

Pics?? (it had to be said)

Seriously (not that the request for pics wasn't serious, but anyways...), if you had a woman with 1/4 of those qualities, you'd still be extremely, mucho lucky. were talking about your mom or something... :/ Then it's just creepy. ;)

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Brian said...

You're a lucky man, but I'm sure you know that. Such women are a rare find. Best wishes to both of you for a long and happy marriage.


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