Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The end has come....

I got to catch the finals last night of the WSOP. I know, I know...the event actually ended months ago and this is only ESPN's broadcasting of it. Who cares!!! I love watching poker and cannot get enough of it. More than watching poker, I thoroughly enjoy playing it. Online, of course - and not with real money. I spend most nights playing for a few hours before I head off to bed. I enjoy sharing with my wife the money that I made in the evening. It allows me to dream big knowing that on a given night I can make around $400K. Someday, if all of the pieces fall into place, I will head down to the local horse track and play a little in their Card Club.

I cannot tell explain my love for this game. I have watched the 2003 WSOP so many times I have the hands memorized, yet I still find incredible enjoyment in watching it.

ugghhh......I'm pathetic ;)


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