Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The search is on.....

After a wonderful evening spent with my wife as she had an emotional breakdown, I am now feeling the burden of a little more guilt than I was carrying yesterday. She broke down last night and explained that she didn't think she could handle the new job she had started. Not a big deal, as it was not the "job of a lifetime" for her nor I. The purpose for the job was to do something that brought money into the house, not to find something that you could make a career out of. Her job lasted 3 nights before she gave her notice. Too bad for her she signed a contract that said she would give 30-days notice since was actually brought on as an independant contractor. She call her boss this morning after she got home and said that she would no longer be able to do her job. He understood and said that he would start looking for a replacement. He would allow her out of her 30-day clause as soon as he found a replacement. I don't know the guy, nor do I know anything about him, but I am going to assume that he was not just blowing smoke and will actually allow her an opportunity to get out early. In the meantime, she reminds of one of those pictures that my 3 year-old has given me when he finished coloring. I am sure you have seen them, at least 24 colors and they are all mixed together in some "cloud" in the center of the paper. I feel that this is what her emotions are currently looking like. I did my best to try and help her last night. I am sure it helped, but not enough. I learned a while back, by reading the book 5 Love Languages, that my wife and I do not share the same language. We do not speak the same, nor do we receive the same. This is something that I have been working on, but I still fall under the "acceptable" category. In High School, I would be getting a C+ in my wife's Love Language.

Guess that means its time to hit the books again......


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