Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back on track

After the previous evenings emotional rollercoaster, I was a little leary about what last night was going to have in store for us.

My wife was a little tired, which was to be expected, so she went to bed following bath time (the boys, not hers :) ). I spent most of my evening concerned over her emotional state though this and was only slightly eased by the her attitude earlier in the evening that she will "make it through this". I was elated this morning when she arrived at home, earlier than normal, as she had completed the route in a new personal best time. She was also excited to tell me that they found someone to replace her on her route and they were starting on Monday. WhoooHooo!!!

Looks like she only has a couple more nights to go and then she is off the hook. That gives her a chance this weekend to get caught up on some sleep (I will do my best to ensure that she gets more than she deserves).

Next step is back to looking for a part-time job for her - hopefully one that has some better hours for us.


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