Saturday, September 18, 2004

Date Night

Tonight was our night. We had gotten all of our work done earlier in the day because we had plans for the evening.

The sitters arrived at 5:30 (that's right, it takes 2 of em to watch my boys). I'm not sure if the sitter's feet actually touched the interior of the house before we were out the door and in the car. It had obviously been too long since our last date. We headed off for a quick dinner at BW3 - that's what it was called before they revamped their name to Buffalo Wild Wings. I still call it BW3 because I know what the 3 W's stood for. After dinner, we took a little walk through Best Buy. Now ladies, I know that you are getting pretty jealous reading this. You are probably thinking, "Wow, his wife is the luckiest woman ever. He takes her out for messy, spicy chicken wings and then takes her through Best Buy to look at some new parts for his computer!!". Sorry ladies, but you are too late.

After our little jaunt through the electronic Mecca, we head over to our church for a little concert. A member of our church is having a CD release party. He leads worship at a Sat Evening server, which we don't attend, but he has also made other appearances during Sunday mornings. I really enjoy his voice and the music that he writes. Needless to say, the concert was AWESOME!!! His title track, "Long arm of love", was very moving. It talks about how no matter where we are in life, no matter how far we have run, we can never outrun God's love for us. His arm is always the reach out and help us to turn around and run back to Him. For someone who spent most of my life running from God and avoiding Him, this song hit home. Does that mean that my life is easier now, that there are less obstacles, that everything now goes my way? Not a chance. But it does help me to see that every circumstance in my life, no matter how messed up and horrible I have made, God works through that situation and I am able to look back later and see how beautiful he made it. We had another artist realease a CD a few months back as well, Stacy Hanson. She release a song called It's only a season. The message she shares is about how, no matter what you are going through in your life, that it is only temporary. You can choose to dwell on it everyday and lengthen that situation for you, or you can choose to allow God to work on that area and turn it into a beautiful season in your life.

Once I get my CD opened, I will grab some lyrics and post them up here.

I hear Tanya calling - time for bed.


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