Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Day 2 - You are not an accident

Ahh yes - the infamous discussion over evolution vs. creation. I honestly say, that for many years I was on the evolution bandwagon. Why not? That was what they taught us in school. The information they gave seemed full of facts, a few holes in the idea, but pretty solid. When you are only given one side of an argument, it always looks like it can hold water. It took much reading and research to realize that there is actually more evidence to support creation. Likewise, there is more evidence that supports the Bible as being factual, than any other book written.

As often as I have wondered what life, anyones life for that matter, is all about, I always have found comfort in knowing that there is reason for why we are here. I am hoping, that when I reach those streets of gold, I will get the chance to see why I was here. I will get to see all the people I encountered and why. I will get to see why I experienced the tragedies, the pains, the blessings, the miracles. I will get to see how every prayer was answered, maybe not in the way or the time frame that I wanted, but they were all answered. I look forward to seeing why good people died, and why others were allowed to live on.

The author asks: "What areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?"

1. I have a metabolism that is freakin' outrageous. The more I eat, the less weight I can gain. My goal a few years ago was to make it to 180lbs. As I worked towards that goal, I had this fear that my metabolism was going to change and I was going to balloon and jump straight from 160 to 260. That was about 7 years ago now. The metabolism hasn't changed. I still eat like a horse, but am unable to gain weight. I have, in the past, taken weight-gain powder and supplements to try and help the cause. No luck. I finally gave up the hard fight after I realized that I would go broke trying to buy enough food and products to get me to that level. And once I was there, the chances of me keeping that weight on were not good. So here I sit, with my 5'9", 165lbs frame. I am not complaining, I just wish I was able to bulk up a little bit more.

2. I wish I felt more comfortable around people. I don't enjoy small-talk. I don't enjoy having to initiate conversations. I can sit and talk with someone for hours, but not if I have try and push the topics. The problem is, I am comfortable with silence. I am content sitting in a car with someone else, no music, no talking, just the sound of the road. It does not make me uneasy when there is no discussion, I actually find solace in it.


At 1:03 AM, Blogger solipsta said...

"Day 2 - You are not an accident "

That's not what my parents told me. :(

"What areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?"

This one really hits me. Because the answer is "pretty much everything". I have a hard time accepting myself and thinking I'm worthy of even bothering about.... :S


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