Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crash Course

Well, it happened again.

I am not quite sure how it happened this time, but it did.

Let me explain what I did, in the hopes that explaining it out loud will reveal the error of my ways.

1. My mother needed help with her PC. She was unable to get it to boot up and it was making a strange screetching noise. I brought the PC over to my house to look at it from the safety of my desk. As I plugged in and and tried to boot it up. I heard the awful screetching and decided that I was not going to sit and listen to that for hours on end. I began open-heart surgery on that sucker and quickly found out that the noise was being generated by nice shiny dime that had been placed in the floppy drive.

That would explain the reason why she had also been unable to save anything to a floppy disk for the last few days.

I removed the shiny treasure and then attempted to fire it up. Other than a minor IRQ conflict at boot-up (and the fact that this is a 100Mhz processor with a 1.2 GB Hard Drive), it started up without any problems.

2. She is looking at getting a new PC, since this one is almost 10 years old, that might be a good idea. She asked if I could back up some stuff that she has on there onto a CD so that she can transfer it over to her future PC.

Of course I would do that for her.

Her PC does not have a NIC card so I was unable to simply connect it to the home network. This created a slight problem since it does not have a CD-Burner on it, nor would there be enough drive space to install any burning software.

I figured the next logical idea was to install it as a 2nd drive on PC and just copy the files over to my hard drive to burn them from there. Seems like a reasonable idea.

I plugged her Hard Drive in on my PC and fired it up. It booted to Win98 (her hard drive) and then wanted to try and install all kinds of "new hardware." I bet that PC thought that it had reached heaven with all the New Technology it was finding. I restarted and changed the boot sequence to boot from the other Hard Drive first (mine).

"Verifying DMI Pool Data" was all I saw on the screen for about 20 minutes before I gave up.

This was one of those times where I REALLY wished I had more than one PC in the house that worked. I would have been able to Google that sucker and got this thing fixed, right quick.

Nope, rather than be the patient person I normally am (right), I decide to re-install XP all over again. My wife is not a happy camper right now since she works from home and needs this PC in order to do her work.

Oh well, I guess she should just be happy that she uses a VPN connection to work fro home, but the work is actually being saved on their servers. She won't lose anything.

I, on the otherhand, have been hard at work on creating a website for her that would allow me to take all of the recipes that she has lying around - magazine cut-outs, napkins, box tops, etc... and enter them into to a form and make a searchable database for us rather than having to thumb through folders everytime I get the itch to do some cooking. Oh well, it will be a good test to see if I really learned anything from all those hours I had out into it.


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