Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting Day

Well...we decied that we wanted to vote together this morning, as a family. We all woke up early, got showered and dressed so that we could all go together before I had to go to work.

It was a little chilly, and a little drizzle, but well worth the adventure. I am sure that you will hear reports on the news about the how we were intimidating and pressuring other voters. As we stood in line, I asked my eldest (4), if you wanted to be the one to choose who we voted for. Naturally, he thought that was the best idea for everyone involved. I let him know that if he was going to be taking on this great privilege, I wanted to know what issues he felt were important. He stated that the thing he was most concerned with was snacks. We should first determine which candidate had the best snacks and that would be who we should select. I also asked what else was important to him - he agreed that the economy, the family, the safety of the country, jobs, and heal care were all important to him - but not as important as snacks. He then made the transition to his parrallel universe and asked. "Excuse me daddy, maybe, after we eat lunch, would it be alright for us to watch A Bug's Life?"

Of course I said YES - I'll be at work ;)



At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute. I would be out there voting for Bush, of course, but I'm to young. I am making sure my parents are voting and any family members of mine also. I sure hope Bush wins!

At 12:38 AM, Blogger solipsta said...

What exactly WERE the candidates position on snacks? I totally missed that one.

If I were running, I'd be in favor of them! :D


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