Friday, November 12, 2004

The Deer Hunter

Ahh yes...It is that time of the year again. Actually, it was that time of the year a week ago - but some of us are slow on getting things moving.

We head out tonight for a nice weekend of deer hunting. This will be my 2nd year going out with this same group of friends. I really enjoy spending time with them. I was talking with one of the guys last night about whether I was interested in getting a deer? Not shooting a deer, of course we want to do that, but actually getting a deer. There seems to be a couple of people in our group who enjoy the hunting part, but are not found of the consuming part. I said that I would be willing to take a deer. My wife got a nice chuckle when I let her know that I would be bringing a deer home and hanging it until Monday night when we would be butchering it. Without having any trees to hang it from, she was thrilled to hear that I would be hanging it in the garage until Monday.

My boys are very excited about the possibilities of getting to see the deer once it has been shot. Hopefully it won't create any long-term negative effects.


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessings of Peace from the UK!

It seems like another world where you guys are . . . over hereJane and I are heartbroken by the thought of hunting one of the most beautiful animals of God's earth. I do find consolation in the fact that you are going to eat the thing, that it hasn't just been for your sport . . . you know what I mean? I have my irish sid of family and they are country people . . . they think nothing of hunting too. I guess the fact that I don't eat meat doesn't help my outlook, as I like to think of the animals as my friends you know . . [it's my kinda wierdness!]. Say I gotta challenge for ya! Hunt with bare hands . . . then I figure if you catch the bad-boy . . you deserve to eat it!

Tee Hee!


At 3:25 PM, Blogger Wild-Thrasher said...

HAHA - That would do more than even out the battle.


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